School & Group Tours

For information about scheduling a school or group tour, please email or Call:

Pete Rerig, MHAA Business Manager

(831) 372-2608


Guidelines for School and Group Tours

Monterey County Fees: $2.00 per person

Out of Monterey County Fees: $2.50 per person

Prepare for Your Visit
Please perform the following activities prior to visiting the Museum:

  • Make arrangements for your chaperones, lunches, and transportation.
  • Prepare your students and chaperones for their visit by assigning groups, making
    name tags, and explaining what they will be seeing at the Museum.
  • Distribute the chaperone hand-outs and review chaperone responsibilities.

For K-8th grades, one chaperone for every 5 students/youth is required. For 9-12th grades, one chaperone for every 10 students/youth is required. These chaperone requirements are necessary to ensure that your students and our other visitors enjoy their Museum visit. Upon arrival, we will provide chaperone badges for all adults. Before entering the Museum, please assign each of your student/youth visitors to a chaperone. Ask your students to always stay with their assigned chaperone. Please make sure all of the visitors in your group turn their cell phones and iPods off or keep them in their backpacks while in the Museum.

When You Arrive
Please have your class/group meet on the steps in front of the entrance to the Museum where you will be greeted by a Museum staff member. Please be mindful of your arrival times, as there may be more than one tour scheduled in a day. The teacher or leader of the group will be asked to check-in with the Museum staff while the students and chaperones wait outside.

In the Museum Galleries
Students should be made aware that their behavior is a reflection of their school and will be taken into account by the Museum when considering future school group availability. Please ensure that your group understands that they are not allowed to touch objects in the Museum galleries.

Food and drinks are not allowed in the Museum galleries. Bag lunches may be eaten outside. In the event of cold or wet weather, please make arrangements to eat somewhere other than at the Museum since we do not have alternate spaces to accommodate your group. If you need to store bag lunches while inside of the Museum, please inform the Museum staff member of your needs.

We look forward to your visit to the Museum of Monterey.