Museum Attic

Meet Nosy

Nosy the Curious Curator is a curious critter, indeed. He spends his days finding new and fascinating artifacts and relics throughout our collections, and when he comes upon something truly remarkable he lets us know. He likes to play games so here’s how it goes.

  1. Nosy finds an artifact that he would like share or know more about.
  2. We take a picture
  3. Include it in our twice monthly e-newsletters and on our Facebook page.
  4. If you happen to know what it is and the first person to answer correctly
  5. You win a great surprise compliments of the masterful mouse.

Naturally, staff is not allowed to play when it’s posted in our Newsletter and/or Facebook, but Nosy keeps us guessing the rest of the time so we can help with the real work of correctly cataloging all of our incredible collections.

We will start posting picture on the website as well so visitors can tell us what they know about the artifact and maybe share a few of their own stories and pictures too.

You can also help Nosy and his assistant by continuing your generous contributions to MHAA/MOM for Restoration and Archiving the collections donated to us regularly.

Graphics by: Ian Tomasino

We are presently looking for Interns in Museum Studies who would be interested in research some hidden treasures found in our Museum Attic. We are also open to volunteers with a good understand of data entry to help with cataloging. For additional information and other Intern and Volunteer needs contact (831) 372-2608 and ask for Pete